Adoptive Father Of 9 Arrested After Adopted Teen Calls Into Atlanta Podcaster Detailing Sex Abuse

Photo Credit: Houston Police Department

An adoptive father of 9 was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing his sons, ABC 13 reported.

The arrest came on account of an Atlanta-based podcaster who went the extra mile to get the teen and his brothers help. Twai’yah Paynes’ podcast, BlindSkinnedBeauty, answered the call that would change the lives of 9 adopted boys forever. 

“I don’t think that was a coincidence at all,”

Paynes told the outlet. Paynes’ said the teen initially started writing alarming messages in the chat. 

“A kid comes on and goes, ‘I have a very heated topic,'”

Paynes said.

“He goes, ‘What do you do if your life is in danger?'”

Eventually, the boy called into Paynes’ podcast and revealed that his adoptive father had been sexually abusing him and his 8 brothers and that he planned to take action against his father when he turned 18 in a few days. 

Paynes added her friend who’s a police officer to the call and tried instructing the teen on the next steps to take. She said she attempted to keep the boy on the call to receive as much information as she could but the boy only gave his name and said that he lived in Texas.

The podcast continued for 45 minutes before the line cut off but Paynes’ work did not stop there. According to the outlet, Paynes made over 200 phone calls trying to find out where the teen lived and who he was. After a 48-hour search, Paynes learned Hayim Nissim Cohen, 38, was the alleged perpetrator. The Atlanta podcaster reported the abuse to Houston police and days later, Cohen was arrested and charged with

“sexual assault and continuous sexual assault of a child,”

reports state. 

According to ABC 13, the children are all safe and child protective services have custody of 6 out of the 9 kids.

“God knows my heart,”

Paynes said.

“He knew I was going to be the one to go above and beyond expectations to make sure that kid was safe.”

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