Black Teen Mistaken For Robbery Suspect While Driving His White Grandmother Files Lawsuit Against Officers Involved

Photo Credit: CBS News

A black teen who was pulled over and arrested while driving with his white grandmother in 2018 is now suing the cops involved because they never told him what the arrest was for except that they received a

“suspicious tip,”

The Root reports. He now wants to know what made him look suspicious. 

In 2018, Akil Carter was riding with his grandmother Paulette Bar, and her friend, Sandra Adams, both white women, from church when he was suddenly stopped by police. The incident occurred near the Mayfair Collection outlet mall in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Carter was pulled over by Officer Patrick Kaine who said in court Monday that he received an

“urgent notice”

from a


about a block boy robbing two white women inside a blue Lexus. 

Dashcam footage obtained by WISNM 12 News shows the moments leading up to Carter’s arrest. Kaine is heard yelling at the teen to get out of the car with his hands up and walk backward toward the officers. Kaine is seen drawing his .40 caliber Glock service weapon while another officer is handcuffing the teenager. Carter is then placed in the back of the patrol car while his distraught grandmother explains that the boy is her grandson. The officer is heard apologizing to the women and says he was given the wrong information from


who were reportedly never to be found. 

Carter’s attorney, claims his Fourth Amendment right to be protected from

“unreasonable seizure”

was violated. In the lawsuit, it says officer Kaine had

“no probable cause to believe Carter was doing anything criminal,”

reports state. 

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