BMF Cast Talks Season 3’s Stylish Wardrobe As They Dive Into Their Favorite Fashion Moments

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Season 3 of BMF takes the audience into the early 90s as the Black Mafia Family begins to expand. Big Meech heads to Atlanta to grow the family business while Terry remains in Detroit to continue operations as usual.  However, we can’t dive into the thrills and jaw-dropping moments of the new season without acknowledging the wardrobe inspired by the time period, the early 90s. The 90s was a cultural shifting staple in history cultivating and solidifying many creative trends in the fashion, film, and music space. 

From the silk shirts, down to the most prominent high-end name-brand clothing of the decade, there’s no look that wasn’t emulated in this season of BMF. Not only will we dive deep into the beauty of the decade but we’ll also analyze the fashion and how the cast felt about flaunting the early 90s-inspired wardrobe.

Onsite! spoke to the cast about the fashion this season, which many of them expressed their love for. Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr., who portrays his father, Big Meech, revealed that he admired wearing the vintage clothing.

He expressed,

“I love the looks, one of my favorite parts about the show is the fashion and being able to wear the 80s clothes and the vintage clothes that my father used to put on.”

The actor mentioned that the current fashion compared to the 80s and 90s is completely different. He expressed,

“it’s so fun putting on the mink coats, and the slacks, and gaiter shoes, and the silk shirts.”

Kelly Wu, who plays Detective Veronica Jin, and Morgan Alexandria Knott, who plays Detective Cobie Amberson, also reflected on the fashion choices this season. Although Wu mentioned that her character is very plain and lacks style, she did note that Alexandria Knott’s character showcases style throughout the season.

Wu explained,

“Jin doesn’t get to be very fashionable at all, she’s that cop who is just super plain and [Detective Cobie Amberson] comes in, like, all dressed up in her heels and everything.”

Alexandria Knott joined the conversation adding,

“[Detective Cobie Amberson] is all about the fashion. I mean just think about it, Detroit, fashion, in the late 80s early 90s at its finest, that is who Amberson is.”

“She’s saying hey, listen, I’m here to do my job, I’m serious about this, I want to be taken seriously but I’m going to do it in my cute pumps and my really cute outfit,”

the actress added.

BMF Cast Reflects On Nostalgic Moments While Filming Season 3

Intertwining with the standout stylish moments of the season, the cast also reflected on the nostalgic moments they experience stepping into the early 90s while filming. BMF is a time piece set in the 80s and 90s, as season three takes us into the early 90s, the cast talked about placing themselves in that time period. While some cast members weren’t born yet or had little recollection of the era, others discussed what appeared to be taking a trip down memory lane.

Christopher B. Duncan, who portrays Blaze, a new character introduced in the season, talked about transitioning back into that era as an actor.

“Thats a great time to revisit, I mean when you start talking about Hip Hop in the 90s, come on now. Does it get any better? We’re talking about [Tupac], my favorite rapper of all time. We’re talking about the man himself, [Snoop Dogg], [Dr. Dre], Eminem. The list is just huge when you start talking about 90s Hip Hop, I love music period.”

“Just that whole time period in the 90s.. I experienced it, and remember it vividly, and it was wonderful to go back into that period in time and dig into that world.”

#Clique, BMF Season 3 is out now only on Starz, be sure to tune in!

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