Brittish Williams Refused To Check In For Her Prison Sentence, Fights For A Shortened Sentence

Image Credit: Brittish Williams/ Instagram

Brittish Williams did not resume her prison sentence when due. Instead, she is seeking a reduced sentence, but sources say she might have limited her chances with the absence.

Brittish Williams Gets A Four-Year Prison Sentence

Last year, Williams received a 4-year sentence, and the court found her guilty of multiple crimes. It ranged from tax evasion to insurance and bank fraud. Alongside doing jail time, she was to pay $564k in restitution.

The onscreen star contested the sentencing, she maintained that the judge was unfair because of her celebrity status. Williams immediately filed an appeal for sentence reduction.

While Williams sought ways to reduce her sentence, she also asked the court to postpone her prison check-in. It was originally moved to Dec. 11, but the onscreen star referenced the Christmas holiday, adding that she wanted to spend it with her daughter.

Brittish Williams Is Nowhere Near Prison On The D-Day

Radar Online reported that Williams was to officially resume as a prison inmate on Jan. 3, 2024. But a few hours before the scheduled day, she approached the court with a new request. The Basketball Wives alum wanted the judge to review her 4-year sentence to 2.6 years. In her defense, the court miscalculated her sentence.

Despite not getting any response from the court on the motion, Williams backed out on resuming in prison. On Jan. 4, the Basketball Wives star requested a date extension due to her absence on Jan. 3 to Alderson FPC.

Williams is yet to surrender. From her end, she needs the court to pass a judgment based on the motion to reduce her sentence. Her reason is that it would “eliminate the need” to go to and from the West Virginia prison and the court in Missouri.

According to the other camp, Williams is lucky to have her four years. The prosecutors claimed she “received a more than generous disposition by way of the dismissal of counts carrying six years of consecutive mandatory minimums at the time of the original sentencing.”

Williams’ evasion landed her in the police net on January 12. Four days later, her lawyer sought a bond revocation hearing.

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