Calls To Fire Oklahoma Elementary School Drag Principal Who Once Faced Child Pornography Charges

Photo Credit: Facebook/ Shantel Mandlay

An elementary school in Oklahoma is facing controversy as demands to dismiss its drag queen principal, who previously faced accusations of child pornography, reports the NY Post

According to a report by Fox News, Shane Murnan, known as

“Shantel Mandalay”

during drag performances, was appointed as the top administrator of John Glenn Elementary School in Oklahoma City in June. The report reveals that Murnan was charged with possession of child pornography over two decades ago, but the case was eventually dismissed due to a lack of evidence indicating that the images involved minors. 

The Oklahoman notes that Murnan had been working as a fifth-grade teacher at the time and subsequently resigned before re-entering the profession at a later date.

Shane Walters, the head of public school education in the state, strongly criticized the school district officials for hiring Murnan and demanded immediate termination of their employment.

“I think that the left has absolutely an agenda for our kids, that they are at war with our kids in the classroom,”

said the Sooner State’s head of public school education, Shane Walters.

“What they are doing is injecting this ideology for an end goal here. Their end goal is to absolutely break down a child’s mind, break down the classroom, break down the family, and you see the results that have come from this.”

District Superintendent Brayden Savage expressed his support for Murnan’s preference when it was announced. Fox News revealed that the principal had a separate Facebook account under the name Mandalay, where he presented himself in drag.

According to the Christian Post, Murnan, who is known for taking part in local drag queen story-reading events for children, applied to become a church minister back in 2014.

“If I went to church this is exactly what I would be wearing,”

Murnan said in a comment while sharing a picture of himself wearing an electric blue wig and sticking out his tongue. Despite reaching out for comment, Murnan did not respond to Fox’s request.

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