Chinese-Born Woman Sues Adoptive Parents Claiming They Kept Her In ‘Basement Dungeon’ For Years

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A 19-year-old woman is accusing her adoptive parents of locking her inside a

“basement dungeon room”


“most of her childhood,”

according to the Miami Herald

Olivia Atkocaitis was adopted from China when she was a baby in 2004 by New Hampshire couple Denise and Thomas Atkocaitis. The now, 19-year-old claims her adoptive parents kept her in a filthy

“basement dungeon room”

where they abused, isolated, starved, and forced her into involuntary servitude. 

According to court documents obtained by Miami Herald,

“Her parents imprisoned her in a dungeon basement room… They forced her to act as their personal servant. They subjected her to punitive manual labor. They isolated her. They withheld a public education from her. They starved her and beat her. They hurled the most vile, racial epithets at her. They withheld necessary healthcare from her. They failed to confirm her status as a US citizen and threatened her with terror, including extradition.”

Miraculously, in 2018 Atkocaitis who was 15 at the time dug her way through the walls of the

“basement prison,”

escaping to a nearby woods. 

She has now filed a lawsuit against her adoptive parents, New Boston, its police department, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, its child protective services agency, and a nonprofit international adoption agency, claiming that they were

“aware of, and perpetuated (her) suffering.” 

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