Chris Brown Joins Kanye West & TY Dolla Sign to Dance To Their New Allegedly Anti-Semitic “Vultures” Track — See What Fans Had To Say

Photo Credit: Kanye West/ Instagram, Chris Brown/ Facebook, TY Dolla Sign/ X

Chris Brown teamed up with Kanye West & TY Dolla Sign, who recently released the song “Vultures.” While this might have been a way to promote the tune among friends, fans online could not overlook the lyrics to what they have since termed anti-semitic.

Kanye West & TY Dolla Sign Already-Tagged Antisemitic Song “Vultures”

The 46-year-old rapper, who hosted a small group, jammed to his new release. A string of lines from Kanye West’s “Vultures” reads, “How I’m anti-semitic? I just [expletives] a Jewish bitch.” These words were excitedly repeated by Ye, who had Chris Brown, Ty Dolla Sign, and others listening and vibing to it.

Fans Say Kanye West And Chris Brown’s Anti-semitic Move Is Unacceptable

Those who have listened to the song and watched Chris Brown and Kanye West dance to it maintain that it is antisemitic. Tanya Zuckerbot, an entrepreneur of Jewish origin, felt attacked. She slammed the duo by writing via Instagram:

“What’s more sickening? The lyrics … Or the fact that both Kanye West and @chrisbrownofficial find it hysterical?” Sick, masochistic, antisemitic f–ks.”

Tanya Zuckerbot’s outcry influenced a host of critics who could not agree any less. One person mentioned that Chris Brown and Kanye West were not fit to continue their careers. The critics wanted the ultimate punishment conferred on them — cancel culture. The comment read:

“Let the record industry chew on this. Let them never EVER work again.”

Another commenter cited derogatory terms in describing the entertainers. The commenter cited their past issues hanging loosely around them. The fan quipped:

“Chris brown an abuser and Kanye west a psychotic narcissistic self proclaimed mastermind.”

On a general note, Kanye West and Chris Brown’s antisemitic moves have moved many to cancel them. The irate fans called it “sickening,” and “trash.”

West is not known for apologizing for any anti-semitic remarks or moves in the past. He once mentioned that he was aware of his comments and had no intentions of taking back his words against the Jews.
According to Page Six, Brown is not excluded either, as his controversy during his time with Rihanna — physical assault and other legal drama, has made many dislike him.

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