Coast Guardsman Bit Three Pre-Teens at Sleepover And “Kept Talking” About Furries And Butt Plugs

An electronics technician for the United States Coast Guard is now facing charges of felony child abuse and misdemeanor battery after biting 3 pre-teens in his home in Key West, Florida, Law And Crime reported.

On January 21st, Petty Officer Third Class Craig Alan Hucker’s step daughter had two friends over for a sleepover while her mother was out of town. When the girls began “play wrestling,” which included “play hitting” and “play biting,” Hucker decided to join them.

“[The victim] stated that Hucker joined in on the wrestling match and bit [redacted] and [redacted], and pointed to the back of her right thigh, just below her buttock,” the affidavit states. All three of the girls had at least one visible bite mark. At one point, Craig reportedly licked one of the girls on her leg.

In the police report, the victims say that the 29-year-old insisted on speaking with them about “pet play” and “furries.” They told investigators that the suspect was talking to them about butt plugs and how they keep the tails on furries where they are. The girls said they attempted to change the subject, but Hucker “just kept talking” about furries.

During her interrogation, Hucker’s stepdaughter confessed to being sexually abused by the suspect for years. She told investigators that he had touched her inappropriately and would make her undress in front of him. When asked where she was touched, the girl pointed to her chest and genitalia. For reasons unknown, later recanted her accusations.

Two days after the sleepover, Hucker was taken into police custody. He is scheduled to appear for his arraignment on February 7th.

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