Customer Confronts Olive Garden Hostess for Allegedly Seating Black Customers ‘On One Side’ of the Restaurant

Photo Credit: TikTok/ shonti2funny

A TikToker is accusing Olive Gardens restaurant hostess of seating black customers away from white customers. 

User Shon (@shonti2funny) claims customers were arranged by the color of their skin. In the video titled,

“So me and my friend went to Olive Garden and the host sat all the black ppl on one side and all the white ppl on another side..”

Shon walks through the restaurant to record her observation.  

The video then shifts to the TikToker being outside of the restaurant. Shon appearing extremely bothered, decided to go back in and confront the hostess about the seating arrangements.

“So I decided to go back in and say sumn to her,”

the text overlay reads. 

Shon brought the situation to the attention of the hostess who is seen looking confused by the question. 

“Oh I didn’t know that,”

the woman is heard telling the customer. The hostess then takes Shon back to her workstation, saying,

“I’ll show you on the computer you can come,”

adding that she serves the tables


The woman explained that customers also have the option of choosing their own seats. Shon then asks,

“So, where would Rosa Parks be?”

to which the woman replied,

“What you mean?”

The TikToker is heard laughing in the background. The video ends with a clip of a still image of a black female diner looking shocked, and then the video shuts off. 

Other users chimed in with some telling their similar experiences.

“That’s nothing. I went to Texas Roadhouse and we were sat in the back and I asked the server is this the Spanish section and he didn’t deny it,”

one user wrote. 

#Clique, what are your thoughts?

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