Ghislaine Maxwell’s Former Lawyer, Bobbi Sternheim, Joins Diddy’s Legal Team

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Diddy has now moved on to Ghislaine Maxwell’s former attorney, Bobbi Sternheim, to help him in court following the rape case allegations from Jane Doe. The rapper who is bent on defending his name has been consistently claiming his innocence while asking the court to strip off Jane Doe’s anonymity.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s former Attorney & Diddy Will Work Together

Ghislaine’s ex-lawyer, Bobbi Sternheim, is famous for representing her in Jeffrey Epstein’s case, and now he will defend Diddy. During his time working for Ghislaine, he argued her involvement in the sexual abuse of minors and bagged twenty years for his client.

It is not certain how he will perform with Diddy as his new client, but the pair certainly intend to prove the rapper’s innocence.

Diddy’s Rape Case That Will Involve Bobbi’s Interference

After Diddy’s former lover Cassie Ventura opened Pandora’s box by suing the rapper for sexual assault, more women came out. They maintained that Diddy had assaulted them physically and drugged them. The stories were similar. But when Jane Doe levied her accusations, it was more shocking.

The woman claimed that she was only 17 when she met the music executive in 2003. The alleged victim was flown to another state to meet the rapper, who proceeded to drug her. In the end, the unnamed victim was allegedly raped by Diddy, Harve Pierre, his associate, and a third man. According to statements in the lawsuit:

“While at the studio, Mr. Combs and his associates, including Mr. Pierre, plied Ms. Doe with drugs and alcohol. As the night wore on, the 17-year-old Ms. Doe became more and more inebriated. Eventually to the point that she could not possibly have consented to having sex with anyone, much less someone twice her age. While at the studio, Ms. Doe was gang raped by Mr. Combs, the Third Assailant, and Mr. Pierre, in that order.”

Without wasting time, Diddy fired at Jane Doe, explaining that he never committed the sexual offenses. Meanwhile, the executive refuses to be beaten, as he hopes to redeem his name.

#Clique, what are your thoughts on Diddy’s controversies?

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