Explore the Richness of Period Films: 5 Epic Period Pieces to Watch

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Period films are referred to as period pieces due to their intricate costumes, captivating storylines, and detailed film set,. This genre portrays love, struggle, purpose, dreams, and liberty.

Here are some of our favorite period pieces:

1. The Color Purple: This epic coming-of-age period drama was adapted from a novel of the same title. Additionally, the film depicts the story of young Celie Harris and the brutal experiences she endured growing up in rural America. These experiences include domestic violence, rape, child sexual abuse, poverty, racism, and incest.

2.Django Unchained
Set in pre-abolitionist America in1858, this film follows the journey of a slave named Django who fights for his freedom and that of his wife. Additionally, after a chance encounter with Dr. Schultz, who teaches Django how to be a gunslinger and a bounty hunter, Django seeks revenge and redemption.

3. 12 Years A Slave
Based on an incredible true story, this film portrays the fight for survival and freedom of Solomon Northup, Furthermore, facing cruelty from a malevolent slave owner, Solomon struggles to stay alive, retain his sanity, and maintain his dignity. However, his encounter with a Canadian abolitionist in his twelfth year changes the course of his life.

4.The Harder They Fall
Set in the old western times, this film follows outlaw Nat Love as he seeks revenge against his enemy Rufus Buck, who is being released from prison. Additionally, Nat rounds up his gang, including former love Stagecoach Mary, to track down Rufus and bring him to justice. Moreover, the pursuit becomes a battle of wills and a quest for a higher purpose.

5.Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Set in1920s Chicago, this film is based on a play by August Wilson and, therefore, explores the African-American experience of the20th century. Taking place in a recording studio, it delves into issues of race, art, religion, and the exploitation of black recording artists by white producers in the music industry.

#Clique, What are your thoughts on these films?

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