Family Returned From Vacation To Find Burglar Sleeping On Their Couch

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Beazy

A British family returned from vacation to see a burglar asleep on their couch, Insider reported.

Christopher West, 38, was arrested after hanging out in a vacant home while a family was on vacation. According to the British outlet ITV, West did not steal anything but had made himself a plate of food, drank some alcohol, and had been smoking in the house. 

When the family arrived back at their home in Newcastle, the child found a blue cigarette lighter on the ground outside their property, which didn’t belong to them. The woman of the family looked into the living room window and saw West sleeping on the sofa, prosecutor Joe Hedworth said, per ITV.

The man of the house went into the home and forcibly woke him up, and removed him. West claims a Chinese woman had given him entry to the residence. The woman told the outlet that the burglary had

“affected the child’s mental state,”

ITV reported.

“I now have the feeling our safe place is now not safe. We work hard for what we’ve got, and to have someone intrude in our home is terrifying,”

she said.

West pleaded guilty to burglary, and was sentenced to 20 months, reports reveal. He also received a nine-month alcohol treatment requirement and rehabilitation.

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