Former Teacher at Kanye West’s School Claims Students Were not Allowed to Learn About the Holocaust

A lawsuit made by a former substitute teacher at Kanye West‘s Donda Academy, is claiming that students were not allowed to learn about the Holocaust, reports Insider

Cecilia Hailey was reportedly hired as a substitute teacher in November of last year and was terminated in March, along with her daughter Chekarey Byers who also taught there. She is now suing the school for wrongful termination. Hailey has previously spoken out against the institution for feeding students only sushi for lunch, now she is saying that the Academy withholds teaching certain historical topics in their curriculum including the Holocaust. 

“No African American History Month,”

Hailey told The Daily Beast.

“Do not teach the Holocaust course. That was out. Don’t even mention that. We wanted to do Asian American History Month in May, and that was not going to be allowed.”

Hailey also revealed additional regulations added to Donda’s curriculum such as students not being allowed to watch Disney or Pixar films and prohibiting class trips to see

“The Nutcracker,”

she told The Daily Beast. Hailey also made complaints to school administrators about the students being behind in math, reports claim. 

The lawsuit claims that the pair was terminated

“in retaliation for raising concerns about issues at the school,”

Insider reported. 

These allegations come as last year West was facing scrutiny for his comments towards the Jewish community where he wrote on Twitter that he was

“going death con 3”

on Jewish people and declaring that he liked Hitler. The rapper/ entrepreneur has since come out saying that he

“likes Jewish people again,”

after rewatching Jonah Hills’ performance in the movie 21 Jump Street. 

#Clique, what are your thoughts?

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