Grandparents Beat 5-Year-Old Girl To Death With A Belt For Soiling Herself

Photo Credit: Park Forest Police Department

Chicago grandparents were charged with murder after brutally beating their 5-year-old granddaughter with a belt for defecating on herself, NY Post reported. 

Klent Elwoods, 62, and his wife, Lisa Jones, 57, were arrested for the July 14 killing of 5-year-old Jada Moore. According to prosecutors, the toddler was put through two months of constant beatings. Causing,

“severe contusions most commonly seen in car crash victims,”

reported CBS Chicago.

The grandparents reportedly had custody of the 5-year-old girl, according to a notarized letter from the mother giving them control over school and medical decisions, police obtained. 

The grandfather, Elwoods, called 911 around 11 pm, admitting to a dispatcher,

“I was beating my little granddaughter and now she is out of it,”

prosecutors said. When officers and paramedics arrived at the scene the child was unresponsive,

“lying on the couch completely nude,”

reports state. EMT performed CPR and air transported Moore to Comer Children’s Hospital. She was pronounced dead early Saturday. 

While riding in the back of a police cruiser, Elwoods allegedly told officers, unprompted,

“I was a little too rough with my grandbaby.”

The grandmother told police that her granddaughter

“had a history of ‘pooping’ on herself,”

and that Elwood promised to beat the child the next time it happened.

“Elwoods then grabbed a belt and had [Jada] bend over. Elwoods then proceeded to strike [Jada] on her buttocks between 10 and 12 times,”

the report stated. The grandmother said the child fell to the ground after each lash. 

According to the autopsy the little girl had 

“bruises, abrasions, and scars in various stages of healing,”

all over her body. 

They both were charged with first-degree murder.

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