Indiana Police Officer Slapped With $35 Fine After Fatally Striking Pedestrian In Fifth On-Duty Collision, Victims Family Outraged

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Max Fleischmann

An Indiana police officer has received a $35 ticket after his police car struck and killed a local attorney, according to Insider. Fort Wayne Police Sergeant Joshua Hartup collided with Henry Najdeski at the intersection of Calhoun Street and Main Street on April 19, resulting in Najdeski’s passing three days later. 

This incident marks the fifth on-duty crash in Hartup’s career. The Journal Gazette reported that Hannah Reid, Najdeski’s niece, expressed her dissatisfaction in a TikTok video, stating that she has paid higher fines for parking violations in the area compared to the penalty imposed on Hartup for her uncle’s tragic death.

“This man didn’t even lose his license,”

Reid says in the video.

“He gets to just go back out into the world and do this to some other family. He hasn’t even apologized… How does my family seek justice from this?”

Reid added.

“How does anything get better? This system is so fucking broken, and I’m tired of it.”

On August 8, Allen County Prosecutor Mike McAlexander announced that no criminal liability was found on Hartup’s part in relation to Najdseki’s death. Toxicology reports showed no drugs in Hartup’s system, and security footage confirmed he was not speeding when the accident occurred. Criminal charges were not pursued due to Indiana’s lack of a negligent homicide law. Instead, a civil infraction was filed against Hartup for failure to yield to a pedestrian.

The vehicle Hartup was driving had no police equipment or in-car camera at the time of the incident, as reported by the Journal Gazette. It is unclear if Hartup has faced any disciplinary action for the crash. Insider contacted the Fort Wayne Police Department for comment, but no response has been received.

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