Italian Mafia Killer Tracked Down And Arrested After Hiding Out As A Pizza Chef Following 16 Years On The Run

Photo Credit: Carabinieri Cosenza via Interpol

Police have captured Italian mafia killer, Edgardo Greco who disguised himself as a pizza chef in France, after more than 16 years on the run, Interpol said per Insider

The 63-year-old is said to be affiliated with ‘Ndrangheta, an organized crime mob that originated in Italy’s Calabria region and now carries a presence worldwide. It is known as the most powerful mafia in Italy and is responsible for moving cocaine across Europe. 

Greco reportedly escaped temporary police custody in 2006 after an arrest warrant was issued for the death of two brothers who were killed during a

“mafia war”

between two gangs in the early 1990s. According to BBC News, Stefano, and Giuseppe Bartolomeo, were beaten to death in January 1991 however, their bodies were never found. Authorities suspect their bodies were dissolved in acid. Greco is also accused of the attempted murder of another man that same year. 

Greco later found himself in the French city of Saint-Étienne where he went by the name Paolo Dimitrio. The new reformed pizza chef, confident in his new identity, appeared in a local newspaper in July 2021, to talk about his restaurant Caffe Rossini Ristorante. 

The fugitive was arrested Thursday in Saint-Etienne, France. Italy’s Carabinieri military police said in a statement that since 2019, investigators had been tracking Greco through a support network, which eventually led them to his arrest in Saint-Étienne.

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