Japanese Cafe Fired Bartender Allegedly Mixed Her Blood Into The Cocktails She Served

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Saman Taheri

A Japanese cafe terminated one of their bartenders who they believe served customers cocktails with a side of her blood, reports Insider.

Mondaiji Cafe in Sapporo, Japan also known as

“Problem Child Concept Cafe,”

in English, took to Twitter to announce the termination of an unnamed employee who allegedly mixed her blood in customer’s drinks. The cocktail, named orikaku, is an original drink served at the restaurant and usually includes fruits or other colorful syrups in its recipe. According to the outlet, the owner is accusing the server of adding blood to the list of ingredients.

“Such an act is no different from part-time job terrorism and is absolutely not acceptable,”

the cafe tweeted on April 2nd. 

The cafe owner claims he had to shut the store down for a day to change all the drinking glasses in the store.

“Please let me continue the store a little longer so I can be happy alone. I’ll clean the store, change glasses, and dispose of alcohol that may have been contaminated. Once again, I am very sorry to have caused you trouble this time,”

the owner tweeted on behalf of the incident. 

#Clique, what are your thoughts? 

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