Jewish Teacher Resigned After Receiving Antisemitic Harassment From 12-Year-Old Student

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Ivan Aleksic

A Jewish middle school teacher in Massachusetts decided to resign from his position after encountering antisemitic harassment from his 12-year-old student, NY Post reported. 

Morrison Robblee, 25, was a sixth-grade social studies teacher at the Nessacus Regional Middle School in Dalton until his resignation. According to Robblee, the harassment began in April after he showed up to school in a yarmulke, a skull cap worn by Orthodox Jewish men. The student began making hateful comments towards Robblee and was sent to detention. However, that did not stop the child from returning with a

“sketch of Hitler standing over a dead person labeled ‘Jew,’ surrounded by swastikas and canisters labeled ‘gas,’”

Robblee told Insider. 

Robblee believes the student’s rage towards him is stemming from a prior incident that occurred at the beginning of the year where the child allegedly made homophobic comments and was removed from the class. Robblee claims to have dealt with weeks of harassment from the student. He told Insider that the harassment even spilled over into the hallways and that the boy continued to make jokes about the Holocaust, including gas chambers. He also revealed that the student also emailed him insults about his teaching.

The student now faces a misdemeanor charge of criminal harassment. 

Robblee says he doesn’t feel like he was receiving the same support from school administrators, however. Robblee was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into him making a face at the child in the hallway. Robblee admitted to Insider that he stuck his tongue out at the boy in a second of frustration after the child cursed at him. 

“I am not bothered by the ignorant comments of a child,”

Robblee reportedly wrote in a statement to the Central Berkshire Regional School District to be read at a meeting to end the boy’s suspension.

“I am bothered that, without proper intervention, this hate will continue to fester.”

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