Joe Budden Weighs In On Draya Michele’s Pregnancy For Jalen Green

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News recently surfaced that 39-year-old Draya Michele is pregnant with her younger lover, Jalen Green. While this should be news enough to make anyone happy, it has stirred a divide among fans online. Joe Budden addressed it on his show, which garnered comments from others.

Joe Budden Shares Opinion On Draya Michele and Jalen Green’s Pregnancy

Although Draya Michele’s pregnancy news is mere speculation, Joe Budden delved into the talk of the town. The show host labeled Michele a predator for getting pregnant by Green, who is over ten years her junior. He said:

“We’ve seen so many NBA stars lose their careers and everything because of women like this.”

Joe disagreed with his co-host, MeLyssa Ford, who argued differently. Instead, he reinforced his stance, adding that he had no time to spare to defend his take on the matter.

Some listeners refused to nod to Joe’s line of thought; rather, they criticized him for being biased. One fan referenced the Diddy saga involving messy sexual assaults and lawsuits. The person maintained that Joe distanced himself from the controversy and chose to focus on Draya’s pregnancy.

The news of Draya being pregnant recently emerged online as she has been involved with the 21-year-old Jalen. Critics believe that the age difference is appalling. Some have even compared Jalen’s age to Draya’s eldest child, who is likely in his peer group.

Despite fans’ reservations, Draya and her lover seem unbothered and have been doing business. The duo has also yet to address rumors of their expected baby.

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