Kanye West’s Former Business Manager Will No Longer Continue with the $4.5 Million Legal Battle Involving a Breach of Contract

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Kanye West has started the year with a clean slate as the breach of contract lawsuit against him no longer exists. Despite his former business manager, Thomas St. John’s, insistence that Kanye refused to pay up, the accuser has dropped all charges.

Kanye West’s Breach of Contract Lawsuit

Kanye West’s relationship with his former business manager took an unpleasant turn a year ago. Thomas filed a complaint accusing the rapper of breach of contract and fraud.

Their work relationship began in March 2022 when Kanye hired him for redirection. According to the lawsuit, the rapper’s career suffered due to his erratic behavior and public comments. Eventually, after finding what he needed in Thomas, Kanye agreed to a monthly payment of $300,000.

This agreement was supposed to last for eighteen months, with a clause stating that the business manager would still receive his payment even in the case of early termination. As per his account, the contract was terminated about three months after he settled in. Instead of honoring the agreed-upon payment, Kanye displayed aggressive behavior.

As stated in the lawsuit regarding breach of contract, Kanye “became unhinged, heated, and aggressive” when confronted. He yelled at Mr. St. John and made it clear that he no longer wanted to work with him or TSJ. Kanye’s verbal attack and termination came as a surprise.

Kanye Fires Back at Ex-Business Manager

Thomas sought $4 million in damages, but Kanye responded by filing a countersuit. The “Gold Digger” rapper claimed that the contract was signed through “constructive fraud.” He told the court that the commitment was invalid because of his condition.

Kanye argued that Thomas may have taken advantage of the fact that he was going through a divorce and was under public scrutiny. The business manager failed to provide proper advice and signed the agreement on the spot. The rapper requested $900,000, which was payment for the months Thomas served. He also claimed that the employee failed in his duties.

Kanye West and Ex-Business Manager Thomas St. John Dismiss the Lawsuits Against Each Other

RadarOnline provides details on the recent filings involving Thomas and the rapper. It was revealed that Kanye West’s ex-business manager requested the court to dismiss the entire action. This decision appears to be unanimous, as Kanye has also dropped his charges against Thomas. The pair have reached an agreement and will settle the matter out of court. Details of the new arrangement remain unknown, but the court has agreed to close their cases.

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