Katt Williams Wanted Faizon Love Dead Over A Money Beef— Allegedly

Image Credit: Katt Williams/ Instagram

Katt Williams seems to have fallen out with everyone in the industry, including Faizon Love. In an attempt to emphasize his narrative about Katt, Faizon’s old video of an encounter with the comedian popped up.

Faizon Love Slams Katt Williams Over Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay Interview

Katt’s interview on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay has been the most talked about thing — almost more than his career. The comedian solely went up against Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey, Michael Blackson, Ludacris, and Kevin Hart. He slammed them with accusations and insults.

While Katt Williams has earned some fans, he has been tagged as the enemy, and Faizon Love is out to prove it. The entertainer slammed Katt over the confessions in the Club Shay Shay Interview.

In his words:

“It’s hard to address lunacy, and hypocrisy, and downright ignorance. But it’s so funny how many people think this dumb, stupid motherf-cker is spittin’ truth. But that’s the internet I guess, you guys want to believe in something so bad. Listen to what he’s saying, he’s actually calling for help. He’s calling for help. None of the sh-t he says lines up with nothing.”

Before the public digested this point of view, they were privy to rewatching an old interview of Faizon Love accusing Katt Williams of pulling a gun at him. In the video, Faizon ranted about the comedian owing him some bucks. But upon confrontation, Katt tried to kill him. In the HotNewHipHop report, the comedian attempted to persuade Suge Knight to do it.

Reactions Following Katt Williams’ Revelations On Club Shay Shay

So far, the number of views on the interview has surpassed any clip shared by Sharpe. At the same time, there have been different reactions. Sharpe, who laughed most of the time during Katt’s commentary, said critics are merely hating after they slammed him for not conducting a proper interview.

On the other hand, many have blasted Katt for talking too much and making cooked-up stories. Cedric claimed he was too old for a fight, Ludacris replied with a diss rap, and Michael revealed that the comedian fell off.

However, Charleston White seems to share some sentiments with Katt. He maintained that Katt’s Illuminati accusations of Ludacris are likely true. In his words:

“That n-gga responded with a jingle! You know he guilty when he responding to you while a whole rap song.”

For now, Katt has gone under the radar, refusing to respond to anyone, including Faizon Love.

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