Kodak Black Wants His Drug Case Thrown Out of Court Following Lab Results

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While no ruling has been made on Kodak Black’s drug case, the rapper has been apprehended by the police. However, sources have confirmed that his attorney, Bradford Cohen, is tirelessly working to have the case dismissed.

Kodak Black’s Drug Case – The Original Lab Result May Have Been False

In December, an officer found Kodak behind the wheel of his car with a white substance on his face. Allegedly, the prosecutor stated at the time of the arrest that a white chunky substance was discovered on his person. According to TMZ, they claimed that the rapper was in possession of a large quantity of cocaine, which he allegedly attempted to dispose of.

As a result, Kodak was arrested and has been in jail ever since. The officer detained him based on the charges against him, including traffic violations, tampering with evidence, and possession of the substance. However, his attorney has argued that the substance in question was actually Oxycodone, a prescribed medication. Lab tests have proven that it was not cocaine, leading Cohen to place the blame on the officer.

The defense lawyer has accused the officer of acting maliciously and incompetently. Now, he is seeking to have the case dismissed based on the available evidence.

Lawyer Files to Have Kodak Black’s Drug Case Removed from the Courthouse

Cohen has refused to back down in this fight, telling the court that the prosecutors have no case. Despite their claims that Kodak violated his previous probation, the attorney does not believe that he should remain in jail.

In Kodak’s defense, the drug case should be dismissed by the court since the lab tests have cleared him. In his filing, Cohen affirms that Kodak can provide evidence of a valid prescription for the white substance.

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