Lamar Odom Files $1 Million Lawsuit Against Former Manager for Stealing His Brooklyn Home and Forging Documents

Photo Credit: Instagram/ Lamarodom

Lamar Odom is suing his former manager, Tonita Bybee for allegedly forging his signature on documents in an attempt to steal his Brooklyn home that has been in his family for

“nearly three decades,”

PageSix reported. 

Odom accused Bybee of forging a deed to sell his family home in Brooklyn, N.Y., to a third party, PageSix reports. Odom claims he fired Bybee in May 2022. The 43-year-old retired athlete noted that the house has been in his family

“for nearly three decades.” 

Odom claims his aunt Carol Janean Mercer, who had been living in the home since his uncle Michael Mercer died in August 2022, has been evicted from the residence as a result of Bybee’s actions. According to legal documents, Odom believes Bybee

“acted with malice, wanton dishonesty, and a high degree of immoral turpitude.”

He also accused her of 

“identity theft, embezzlement, conversion, misappropriation,”


“various other iterations of fraud.”

In the lawsuit, Odom alleged that Bybee

“illegally used his name, social security number, email address, and social media accounts.”

He also accused her of using his

“personal information in order to ‘defraud people and businesses by accepting speaking and appearance engagements’,”

after she was let go. Odom also alleges that a public notary

“improperly notarized”

the deed to the home and falsely reported that Odom was present to sign documents

“despite the fact that [he] never appeared before [the public notary] either in person or remotely to execute the forged deed.”

He is seeking $1 million in damages. 

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