Lamar Odom Set To Help Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Dental Health, But She’s Yet To Give A Nod

Image Credit: Instagram

Lamar Odom is the latest known face in America to be blessing Gypsy Rose Blanchard with what she rightly needs: a dental makeover. The NBA champion is ready to make her comfortable in his Oxy Dental establishment and the bills are on him.

Why Does Gypsy Rose Need A Dental Makeover

It’s undeniable that Gypsy Rose is a star in America amid an evening charge for murder. What sounds like an unforgivable sin, with Gypsy still beating herself up, was a necessary evil to save her future.

She was stuck in the care of her mom, Dee Dee, who suffered Munchausen by proxy, thereby endangering her mental health and physical development. During their years together, Dee Dee tampered with her teeth and salivary glands, then she claimed her daughter suffered from tooth decay.
Gypsy Rose, who was recently released from prison after serving time, has now been offered a dental makeover by Lamar Odom.

Lamar Will Clear The $30k Fee For Gypsy Rose’s Dental Makeover

Gypsy was with only sixteen teeth. Much of what is keeping her dentition together are fake teeth and stainless crowns. So, getting a dental makeover is likely on her list of things to do.

Lamar, who follows Gypsy on Instagram, has informed her of his interest in helping out. According to TMZ, she will be a client in his new Oxy dental establishment.

The celebrity who ignored his dental health for about seven years sympathized with Gupsy after seeing her story. Although the 32-year-old has recognized the offer, she is yet to confirm her interest.

Lamar’s large heart is not restricted to people who make waves online. While he has helped celebrities through his rehab center, he has also assisted other patients with dental care plans.

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