LSU Closed Over 300 Reported Sexual Assault Cases Without Discipline In One Year

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Chris Mac

In the wake of the tragic death and rape of Louisiana State University’s student Madison Brooks, new details have revealed that the University had closed more than 300 reported cases of sexual assault, per Fox News

According to the outlet, there were 308 cases of sexual assault reported to LSU between October 2021 and September 2022. Of those total cases only 26 reports were followed up with. Reports reveal that more than 80% of the cases reported were closed due to

“complainant not responsive to outreach,”

“complainant requested supportive measures only”

or the

“complainant requested no further action.” 

LSU spokesperson Abbi Rocha Laymoun defended the campus telling Fox News Digital that there have been

“significant improvements to our Title IX operations,”

and each sexual assault victim’s process toward healing is different.

“Some wish to file a criminal or Title IX complaint, others want health and mental health resources and still others are focused on academic support to help them remain successful in the classroom,”

Laymoun said. 

For those who are unaware Title IX is a 1972 federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance.

“Many survivors do not wish to share their experience in those ways,”

Laymoun continued.

“A formal resolution is not the only pathway for survivors. That is why resources and supportive measures are available to all survivors, regardless of whether a formal complaint is filed.”

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