Madonna Wastes No Time In Apologizing After Her Comment to a Fan in a Wheelchair

Image Credit: Madonna/ Instagram

Despite her celebrity status, Madonna apologized to a fan in a wheelchair. The singer had misjudged the concertgoer. Instead of waiting for fans to react online, she immediately admitted her mistake.

Madonna Apologizes To a Fan in a Wheelchair

On March 7, during her Celebration Tour, Madonna prepared to wow her fans on stage in Inglewood, California. As expected, the singer came prepared, and so did the fans, cheering her on. But as the show continued, the performer noticed a fan who wasn’t moving like the rest. NBC News reports that Madonna quickly admonished the fan, saying:

“What are you doing sitting down over there? What are you doing sitting down?”

Following the comment, Madonna suddenly realized that the fan was in a wheelchair and quickly apologized. In her words:

“Oh, okay. Politically incorrect. Sorry about that. I’m glad you’re here.”

Despite retracting her error, many fans refuse to look past it. According to comments recorded on The Jasmine Brand, some critics claimed it was high time the 65-year-old retired.

One person chimed in:

“She needs to retire. Like now. Everything she does on this tour is embarrassing and hard to watch. Just retire, Madonna. No one wants to see a 65-year-old gyrate on stage.”

Another added:

“It’s the ‘oh, politically correct’ bit that’s the worst! It’s about having empathy, intelligence, and understanding – not about politics!”

A third wrote:

“That was an apology???? And I’m a huge Madonna fan from the ’80s/’90s era.”

Since apologizing to the fan in a wheelchair, Madonna has not reacted to the online frenzy. However, history shows that she does have a way of communicating things that matter to her, even if it is experienced in private.

While on tour in Dec. 2023, Madonna told fans how her kids surrounded her following a bacterial infection that led her into a coma. She also gave a shout-out to a woman named Shioban, who allegedly rushed her to the hospital.

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