Man Accused 9-Year-Old Biological Female Athlete of Being Trans and Demanded Her Disqualification From Competition

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Austris Augusts

A 9-year-old girl, who runs track and field, was scolded by her competitor’s grandfather who accused her of being transgender and demanded she be disqualified, according to local news outlet Castanet

The child’s mother, who has chosen to keep her child’s identity anonymous, told Castanet that her daughter was competing in a shot put event at Kelowna’s Apple Bowl in British Columbia, Canada. Then suddenly one of the participant’s grandfathers started yelling at the young girl.

“Right before she went to throw, a grandfather of a student said, ‘Hey, this is supposed to be a girls’ event, and why are you letting boys compete,’”

said one mother who witnessed the events. 

The girl’s mother explained that her daughter is cisgender, which means she was assigned female at birth and still identifies as a girl. She added that her daughter also wears a pixie haircut and that the man also yelled at another girl with short hair.

The man kept repeating that the child was

“definitely trans”

and demanded she is disqualified from competing in the school competition, according to a Facebook post shared by Starr. The man also insisted that the child show proof that she is indeed a girl, the post added. 

The incident left the girl

“visibly shaking and sobbing,”

said Starr, according to The Post. 

The superintendent of Central Okanagan School District, Kevin Kaardal, told Castanet that the man’s actions were

“totally unacceptable”

and that

“the district is taking steps to ensure that the man cannot attend future school events,”

reports state. The local police service, Kelowna RCMP, announced that they are also investigating the incident. 

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