Man Files $1 Million Lawsuit Against 3 Women Who Allegedly Distributed Abortion Pills To His Ex-Wife

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Mariana Rascão

A pro-life ex-husband from Galveston, Texas is suing his ex-wife’s friends for allegedly helping her obtain abortion pills from across state lines, CNN reported. 

This is the first case of its kind since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year. According to the suit, Marcus Silva alleged that his former wife, whom he shares two daughters with, used illegally distributed abortion pills given to her by friends, which later resulted in the death of their unborn child. 

In the civil suit, he claims the women used

“Aid Access,”

a site that ships the pills from overseas, and had them shipped to Houston where they lived. The suit accuses the women of

“aiding and abetting”

to receive certain contraception, and he also blamed them

“for [his unborn child’s] wrongful death.”

Silva said he wants the women to be charged with murder, and if recognized, could permit the state to charge and sentence the women involved with the death penalty. However, his wife whose identity has been concealed, believes her ex is only doing this because she divorced him. 

“I know either way he will use it against me,”

the ex-wife said, according to photos of a group text attached to the suit.

“If I told him before, which I’m not, he would use it as [a way to] try to stay with me. And after the fact, I know he will try to act like he has some right to the decision.”

The ex-husband is asking for more than $1 million in damages, and he also wants an order to stop the three women from further administering any abortion pills.

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