Martin Scorsese Plans to Make a Movie about Jesus to Redefine the Perception of Organized Religion


Martin Scorsese is set to take audiences on a new cinematic tour into Christianity in his latest release scheduled for 2024. Although Scorsese sounds eager to touch upon the theme of Jesus, he makes it clear that his intention is rather about restoring

“the tainted image”

of organized religion.

With the assistance of his co-writer Kent Jones, Scorsese has finished writing a screenplay based on “A Life in Jesus” by the late Japanese author Shūsaku Endō. The movie, estimated to run for about eighty minutes, attempts to adapt the storyline by largely positioning it in modern times.

Scorsese makes it clear that he wants his film to question people’s perceptions of religion and urges audiences to reconsider their views. In particular, this effort comes after his dialogue with Pope Francis in 2023, during which he stated that he would like to participate and respond to the call of the pontiff for artists aiming to address religious subjects.

Scorsese’s focus on Catholicism and ideas of religious motifs has been a key point throughout his successful career, featured in movies like



“The Last Temptation of Christ.”

Clique, what are your thoughts on this? And will you be seeing this movie after its release?

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