Michael Blackson Aims At Katt Williams’ Career And Looks After The Veteran Tugged At His Accent

Image Credit: Michael Blackson/ Facebook

Michael Blackson has joined the league of early responders to Katt Williams’ criticism. The comedian validated himself as a successful celebrity while taking dips at Katt for having a failed career. All these came moments after Williams’ interview with Shannon Sharpe.

Katt Williams Criticizes Michael Blackson

It seems like there is nobody Katt Williams cannot hit. During his several-hour appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay, the veteran comedian went on a ranting spree. When he finally settled on Michael, things turned out to be a battle of roots for Katt.

While addressing if he has ever been booed on stage, the comedian said it was a learning curve for every successful comedian. He added:

“Most comedians don’t get booed enough. That’s how you end up with Michael Blackson, who is a real African, doin a fake African accent.”

Somewhere along the line, Katt talked about why he might have fallen out with Michael. The seasoned comedian maintained that a piece of simple advice was enough to anger him.

“This guy is mad at me and all I did was give him the best advice of his life […] I told him he needed to dress to be in the position that he’s tryna say that he’s in. If you gon’ say that [you’re the ‘African King of Comedy’], go get a school. You gotta put in some work and these guys, they take my advice. They change their whole persona and then, they hate me for it.”

Michael Blackson Defends His “Fake” African Accent

Before the news of a Katt diss spread around town, Micheal served up his own menu. The Ghanaian-Liberian comedian went on X to write:

“I’m so confused, I’m African with a fake African accent. My accent had me roasted every day in school and in the comedy clubs in America and I wish I could get rid of it, even my Philly accent is fake. I guess the only thing real about me is my deek.”

After addressing the fake African accent, Michael, who launched his Michael Blackson Academy a year ago, added, “I can’t believe this lying dehydrated leprechaun said he told me to build a school lmao.”
Michael did not spare Katt’s career the diss as he mentioned that the comedian was merely trying to stay relevant. As reported by VIBE, he claimed that Katt was a shadow of himself.

This is not the only person who seems clueless about Katt’s allegations. Cedric, whom he accused of stealing his joke, maintained that it was all false. Shannon’s guest also claimed Ludacris joined the Illuminati, to which the rapper has released a diss rap denying Katt’s allegations.

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