San Francisco Overwhelmed By A Catastrophic Surge In Fentanyl Overdose Fatalities, Reports Say

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Randy Laybourne

San Francisco is currently experiencing a devastating surge in drug overdoses, primarily caused by the deadly substance fentanyl, per The Post. According to recent data from the city’s Medical Examiner’s office, out of a total of 71 deaths resulting from drug overdoses last month, a staggering 62 were attributed to fentanyl. 

These grim statistics come at a time when San Francisco is grappling with a multitude of issues, including crime, homelessness, and drug abuse, as highlighted in a newly published report that states the city’s government is

“failing its residents.”

Furthermore, these overdose numbers indicate that San Francisco is on track to surpass the record-breaking 712 overdose deaths recorded in 2020, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

“This tidal wave of fentanyl continues to overwhelm our communities,”

Dr. Grant Colfax, San Francisco health department director, told the newspaper.

“The department recognizes that the tragic, continuing rise of overdose deaths in San Francisco is unacceptable and we want everyone to know we are responding with urgency and with our full attention.”

Colfax, the head of a department in San Francisco, has announced plans to establish 10 additional

“wellness hubs”

to provide drug users with treatment options. However, this approach has faced criticism following the closure of the controversial $22 million Tenderloin Linkage Center in December. 

While city officials claim that the open use of narcotics in these areas was never technically legal, critics remain skeptical. San Francisco health officials are urgently seeking solutions, including making medications like methadone and Narcan more accessible.

Nonetheless, former senior DEA special agent Michael Brown attributes the surge in overdoses to liberal policies in cities across the nation.

“All across the board, you see progressive policies in California, Colorado, Portland, Washington, New York that support harm reduction. That is like trying to train a rattlesnake not to bite you. It’s a political issue at this point and until the politics are resolved, the criminality won’t be resolved either.”

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