Sean Diddy Combs Set To Respond To Lawsuit Claiming He Gang-Raped A Minor

Image Credit: Diddy/ Instagram

Diddy may not be getting off the hook soon, as he gets slammed with a gang rape lawsuit involving a 17-year-old. Weeks after a third accuser who has remained unidentified accused him, a fourth one follows. The recent Jane Doe claimed he was part of a trio gang that raped a minor inside his studio.

Jane Doe Was 17 When Diddy Allegedly Raped Her

According to the lawsuit, the gang rape included Diddy, Harve Pierre, the rapper’s long-time lieutenant, and a third man. In 2003, they allegedly perpetrated the act inside Diddy’s bathroom in his Manhattan home recording studio. At the time, the victim was only 17 and had been profusely fed with drugs and alcohol.

The story goes that at the time, Diddy was 34, and Pierre helped pick out Jane Doe. She was outdoors in a Detroit lounge when the lieutenant complimented her. They got talking, and Pierre flaunted his closeness with Diddy, adding that the rapper wanted to meet her.

As per Rolling Stone, in the document, she was flown to New York on a private trip following her agreement. Once Jane Doe landed, she was moved into a vehicle with Pierre and the third man who eventually raped her.

In the rape lawsuit, the accuser submitted photos that were taken during her trip to Diddy’s Manhattan studio. Sadly, the encounter that came next shattered her world. After Diddy allegedly raped her, the third man took his turn, and lastly, Pierre finished up the violent act.

The sex from all parties involved was never consensual for Jane Doe, who claimed she begged despite being in a foggy state. In the end, she was flown back and left in her car.

Diddy has refused to acknowledge any of the accusations levied on him. In a statement to Rolling Stone, he said, “I will fight for my name, my family, and for the truth.”

The Rapper Needs Some Time To Respond To Jane Doe’s Claim

Diddy’s lawyer, Meghan Cuniff, wrote to the court that the music mogul would need more time to file his opposition. As opposed to filing on December 27, 2023, Diddy’s team wishes to move it until January 2024.

Cuniff’s appeal stated:

“Due to circumstances beyond the control of the Combs Defendants, which circumstances are of a confidential nature, we respectfully request that the Court modify the Motion Schedule to extend Defendants’ time to file their opposition to the Motion from December 27, 2023 to January 17, 2024, and extend Plaintiff’s time to file a reply, if any, from January 8, 2024 to January 31, 2024.”

The Beginning of Diddy’s Rape Lawsuits

It has been raining lawsuits since Diddy’s ex-lover Cassie Ventura opened what many would call a can of worms. Just days before the New York sex victim law would expire, the singer slammed a lawsuit citing physical violence and rape against Diddy.

However, before the ink would dry off completely, the pair settled out of court. This only gave other alleged victims the impetus to put out their cases.

Two women claimed Diddy raped and drugged them. The third refused to share her identity. And now a fourth woman says Diddy, including two others, gang raped her in a lawsuit.

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