Sex Offender Arrested For Allegedly Using Drone To Look Into Woman’s Bathroom

Photo Credit: Cranston Police Department

A convicted sex offender was arrested after using a drone to peek inside a woman’s bathroom, Law & Crime reported.

A Rhode Island woman reportedly called the police Wednesday at 11 p.m., reporting a sighting of a drone peeping into her bathroom window, deputies from Cranston Police Department said. 

“Her bathroom window was slightly open,”

police wrote.

“She then heard a buzzing noise and went out in the backyard, thinking it had something to do with her pool. Once in the backyard, she noticed a drone hovering outside her bathroom window where she was preparing to take a shower.”

Christopher Jones was later identified as the suspect. The woman told police when she moved towards the drone, it quickly moved away, bumped into a tree branch, and fell to the ground. 

“She quickly grabbed the drone before it took off and submerged it in her pool to disable it and called police to report the drone looking in her bathroom window,”

police said.

Jones later admitted to police that he was operating the device. Jones was released from registering as a sex offender in 2015, according to police.

He was charged with one count of video voyeurism, reports state. 

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