Soulja Boy Wants Blueface Out Of Jail For Them To Settle Things “Mano a Mano”

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Image Credit: Soulja Boy/ X, Blueface/ Facebook

Soulja Boy has confessed that he would never wish jail time upon Blueface, not even his worst enemy. However, he would prefer to settle their issues through a fight, regardless of whether it involves shooting and potentially dying.

Blueface’s Controversy With Soulja Boy

For some time now, Blueface has been actively seeking a fight with Soulja Boy. The 26-year-old rapper boasted about a Verzuz battle that never materialized, claiming that he would defeat Soulja Boy in a rap competition.

Per HNHH, tensions escalated further when Blueface suggested that he might be the father of Soulja Boy’s child. Despite facing a defamation lawsuit, Blueface did not retract his statement about sleeping with Jackilyn Martinez before her baby shower, adding fuel to the fire.

Amidst his legal troubles, Blueface had to report to jail for a probation violation. He had previously been accused of a nightclub shooting and was sentenced to three years of probation.

Soulja Boy Clamors For A Shootout Fight

It may come as a surprise, but Soulja Boy has expressed his desire for Blueface’s release. However, the rapper clarified that his motivation has nothing to do with empathy.

Recently, Soulja Boy went on a taunting spree, asking rhetorical questions about Blueface’s jail time. He questioned whether it was better to be sitting broke in jail or to be free with millions of dollars. He emphasized that there are different levels to this situation and that Blueface doesn’t want any real confrontation.

When a fan asked if Soulja Boy was satisfied with his rival’s ordeal, he maintained that he wouldn’t wish such a reality on anyone, not even a foe. He stated, “Hell nah, free that n***a, man. So we can beat his ass. I don’t wish jail on my worst enemy.”

This isn’t the first time Soulja Boy has called for a showdown. A few weeks ago, he hinted that he wanted to settle things with Blueface in person, and he even mentioned the need for guns in their fight.

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