Squid Game Actor Lee Byung-Hun Joins The List of Celebrities With Burgled Homes in LA

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Image Credit: Lee Byung-Hun/ Instagram

“Squid Game” star Lee Byung-Hun was out of the area when he received news that his LA home had been burgled. The actor is working hand in hand with law enforcement to bring the criminals to justice.

Lee Byung-Hun’s Home Burgled After Leta Whaite’s

“Squid Game” actor Lee Byung-Hun was contacted by a member of his team while he was away from his LA home. Initially, the employee intended to check on the estate but was shocked to discover the burglary.

According to TMZ, the burglars attempted to enter Lee’s home by breaking through a sliding glass door. Upon his return, the actor could not specify the items stolen from the home. However, he is working with the authorities to determine the nature of the crime.

According to the police, Lee might not necessarily be a target. He just happened to have his property in the LA area, which is a popular target for burglars. This seems to be the pattern from a particular group famous for invading celebrity homes in LA.

Before Lee’s home was burgled, Leta Whaite, who was also out of town, fell victim to a similar ordeal. This time, the burglars targeted a valuable item after forcefully entering through a window. The burglars reportedly smashed through and made off with jewelry worth $200,000.

In the same vein, Keanu Reeves had his windows hit while the thieves took his firearm. The police had been on the property earlier in the day following a tipster’s call reporting an attempted burglary. Unfortunately, a few hours later, the intruders entered the home undetected.

Amid the successes of these groups, one of their intrusions has been thwarted. During the holiday weekend, they had hoped to steal from Abigail Rathcford by breaking into her LA home but were foiled by an alarm. Fortunately, nothing was taken from her mansion.

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