Standing on Business: King Harris Rains Insults On Druski During Video Shoot

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King Harris is not stepping back from his standing on business claims, and now the feud with Druski is getting severe. The young adult has now hit the rapper again after Druski threw a shot at him during an interview.

King Harris and Druski’s Feud

Since King Harris had a recorded spat with his dad, T.I., for claiming to be street-smart, he has not stopped letting the world know that he’s “standing on business.” He took it one step further by praising himself for popularizing it. However, rappers Drake and Druski used the words, with the latter naming a single “Standing on Business.”

Without hesitation, Harris launched at Druski, and for a counterattack, the latter aired his mind on The Breakfast Show. Druski told the interviewers that King Harris had shown up during his recent video shoot. However, due to the beefed-up security, neither came too close. Druski added:

“N-gga tried to do a stare-off. N-gga got out his car and kinda stood on top of it. This n-gga going back to that nice ass house. He doesn’t know anything about standing on no business.”

HipHopDX says that King Harris is now back to address Druski’s comments, especially because the rapper tagged him a “pu**y.” T.I.’s mini-me ranted about how he remains the creator of the phrase before adding his disgust for Druski’s comment. In his words:

“@druski yo a$$ Trimm. Let the games begin. N-gga, I just saw you, and you didn’t say any of that. The only thing you said was ‘Here go the KING OF STANDING ON BUSINESS.’ “I tell you, clout is a hell of a drug. And n-gga, what the hell does it look like standing on my luxury ass car? Not P.”

Before signing out, T.I.’s son hurled insults at Druski, referencing how his body looked. This shows that the feud has only begun. However, only time will tell when these two will eventually agree on the rightful owner of the phrase.

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