Supermarket Employee Fired After He Recorded 3 Men Stealing $500 Worth Of Laundry Detergent

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Eduardo Soares

An employee at King Soopers supermarket in Colorado was fired after following and recording shoplifters leaving the store with $500 worth of laundry detergent, according to the NY Post. The company said he went against their ‘don’t chase or intervene’ policy. 

Santino Burrola, who is a former military police officer, and a former clerk at the supermarket chain claims he was just trying to help.

“When I looked there was already a guy halfway headed out with a food cart full of laundry detergents and scent boosters and what have you,”

Burrola told CBS Colorado.

“My first instinct, record.”

The three men who were caught on video tried moving hastily to load up their black Chevy Trax with the detergent.

“Really, bro, you got to resort to this? The economy isn’t that bad,”

Burrola could be heard saying in the video. However, two of the stooges had a hard time getting back into the vehicle which gave Burrola enough time to grab the aluminum off the license plate.

Despite his help catching the thieves and cooperating with the police investigation, Burrola was still fired from the supermarket a week after the incident.

“Me and the union rep sat down with them and they recommended termination,”

Burrola said.

“I would never let any criminal conduct slide, especially when it’s happening right in front of me,”

he added.

“Did I feel that I overstepped boundaries? Not really because I didn’t physically touch them or alter their shoplifting in any way, I just revealed the license plate to help the community to be aware, the police be aware and to help better catch them,”

he told 9 News. 

Police said they reached out to the registered owner of the vehicle, who had lent the car to a friend, and the driver was later found. The other two suspects are still at large

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