Taylor Swift’s Stalker Has Been Cut Loose By The Law — Court Finds Him Not Guilty

Image Credit: Taylor Swift/ Selfie

Taylor Swift’s stalker will continue to live his life as he pleases — out of the police net but supervised. The accused, David Crowe, was found not guilty after trial in court.

Taylor Swift’s Stalker Had His Day In Court

David Crowe had stalked Taylor for quite some time before he was discovered. According to prosecutors, he was arrested after cops found him around the singer’s home in New York. The Blast reported that the arrest was recurrent.

The first time police accompanied him in handcuffs. However, upon gaining freedom, the stalker returned and was spotted by Taylor’s security team.

The police quickly indicted him for 1st and 2nd-degree harassment and 4th-degree stalking. They came about these charges after observing how obsessed the Stalker had been with Taylor. According to the legal documents, Crowe had hung around her home over thirty times in just two months. On top of the intrusion, he was bold enough to seek her audience but was declined.

Amid winning against the prosecutors, Crowe will be out and about but watched closely. So will Taylor’s environment, as she seems to be the victim of obsessed fans these days.

Taylor Swift’s Stalker Number 2 Is A John Doe

Taylor’s presence in New York has been to support her beau, Travis Kelce. Nonetheless, the Grammy winner who watched Kelce’s playoffs in Buffalo was previously stalked by a “disorderly person.”

The Blast confirmed that the nameless person was spotted lurking on Franklin Street. He had even attempted to enter the property without knocking or ringing the doorbell.

Neighbors who reported the matter to the police explained that John Doe had been constantly in the area for months. Onlookers claimed that he was a nuisance who caused public disturbance. They added that the cops had failed to show up to address their complaints until the stalker tried to break into Taylor’s home.

Fortunately, Taylor has not been directly affected by either of the stalkers. Indeed, she is lucky to have concerned neighbors and a watchful security team around her.

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