TEMS Reflects On Her Newfound Fame, Says ‘It’s Like Being In A Zoo’


According to Pulse, Tems discussed her newfound fame in a newly released conversation with Kendrick Lamar for Interview magazine. Admitting that she feels the pressure that comes with success, she stated that she deals with it by staying true to herself.

In her words,

“When you become more known or seen, it’s very easy to get caught up in.”

“What do people expect of me now?” But for me, it’s like, “What do I expect of myself now?”

Because you’re the one that has to live with yourself, the one that has to sleep with the decisions that you make.” “Trusting yourself is so key, and I’m not going to stop trusting my guts just because people can see me now. It’s like being in a zoo. The animals don’t change their behavior just because you’re looking at them. They’re always going to be who they are. So why should I change?”

The Oscar-nominated singer also shared some advice that could be useful for artists, and fans alike. According to Tems, remembering why you started is the key to staying on the right path.

“Yeah, you have to remember how you felt when you started as an artist, to understand the reason you’re doing what you’re doing,”

The singer advised.

“Yes, it’s to be seen, or to make a name for yourself, but beyond that, why are you doing it? Most of the time, it’s because you have a story to share, a message to give.”

Tems has come a long way since she put out the For Broken Ears EP in 2020. She has since surpassed one billion streams on Spotify, appeared on the soundtrack to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and scored collaborations with artists like Drake and Beyonce. She also co-wrote Rihanna‘s Lift Me Up, which went on to score an Oscar nomination. Tems is currently working on her debut album.

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