The Police Has Nothing On Playboi Carti Amid His Arrest and Charges In 2022, Which Became Public Knowledge After A Viral Video

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Playboi Carti had no legal woes in sight despite getting arrested in 2022; shockingly, fans did not find out until a recent video leak. A video doing the rounds was body cam footage that spotted the entertainer being bound following his reckless driving.

Playboy Carti Had A Firearm When He Was Arrested

In Sep. 2022, Playboi was doing about 133 miles per hour on Atlanta’s Southbound Expressway when a cop pulled him over. The rapper was ready to comply but made excuses for his careless driving, claiming that it was to meet an emergency at the airport. Still, the officer explained that he had erred and must not go unpunished.

In the arrest footage showing Playboi Carti behind the cop’s vehicle, the rapper seemed uneasy and remorseful at the same time. He begged the officer and tried to bargain his way out of jail. The rapper even asked him to drive him to his home to see that he was not a bad guy.

In the court filing garnered by TMZ, a search of Playboi’s vehicle revealed that he had a firearm. But it appeared to be his lucky day, as the docs claimed that no rounds had been fired and the Glock handgun was lawfully registered to him. While at the scene, his uncle arrived to take possession of the firearm.

The Rapper Is Now Clean

Despite what looked like a sincere situation, the cop checked him in jail and was given a handful of charges. This included multiple traffic violations and reckless driving, but somehow, this time, he managed to keep a spotless tab.

It has been two years since his first and only arrest, and Playboi Carti has not been involved in any recklessness on the road. All fans now hope for is to see him back in the game with his album and tour.

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