Unveiling Janelle Monáe’s Versatility: Looking at Her Amazing Work in Hidden Figures, Moonlight, and More

Janelle Monae

1.Hidden Figures: In this movie, Janelle Monáe shows her many skills by acting as the smart mathematician and engineer Mary Jackson. She shows strong will and determination in the role, capturing the essence of a true historical character she depicts. She does this with classy style and authenticity.

2. Moonlight: Janelle Monáe plays a character in Moonlight, which shows her skills to bring feelings and openness into acting. She acts as Teresa, a caring person who gives help and advice to the main character of the movie. Monáe’s acting is both gentle and strong, showing her talent as an actress.

3. Harriet: In the movie Harriet, Janelle Monáe plays Marie Buchanon. She is a free lady who helps Harriet Tubman save slaves from their lives as prisoners. Monáe’s character shows how she can embody strong characters. She adds a feeling of strong will and power to her part, making it very important for the story in the movie.

4. The Glorias: Janelle Monáe’s role in The Glorias allows her to demonstrate how good she is by playing Dorothy Pitman Hughes, a fighter for women and human rights. Monáe shows the truth of Hughes’ love and effort, giving a strong act that points out her skill as she brings strong characters to life.

5. Glass Onion: In this movie, Janelle Monáe plays a detective looking into a strange murder. It shows how talented she is at acting in different roles. This demonstrates her aptitude to handle various genres, adding an air of mystery and smartness to who she plays. Monáe’s acting in this movie shows how good she is at changing her roles and being versatile as an actress.

#Clique, which of these movies have you seen?

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