Warner Bros Declines SXSW Appeal To Screen ‘COYOTE VS ACME’ At The Festival


In a surprising move, Warner Bros turned down an invitation from the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival to screen the highly anticipated film ‘Coyote vs Acme’. This decision has left film enthusiasts shocked.

After the annual festival, which showcases a collection of film, music, and interactive media, reached out to Warner Bros, the company declined the opportunity to participate in SXSW for several reasons. One reason is that the film is not yet ready for public viewing. Additionally, it seems that the studio has a different preference for the venue of its premiere.

This news has left fans and industry executives confused, given the festival’s tradition of showcasing work-in-progress cuts of films.

According to Bnn Breaking, sources close to the studio have revealed that Warner Bros. is shifting its focus towards theatrical releases. This strategy could explain the hesitation to screen ‘Coyote vs Acme’ at a festival known for showcasing unfinished works. The studio may be aiming for a more polished and complete version of the film to make a bigger impact in theaters.

Furthermore, Warner Bros. has started shopping the film to other studios with an asking price of $75 million. However, as of now, no other studio has acquired it, causing uncertainty among fans who are eager to see the iconic cartoon rivalry on the big screen.

#Clique, hat are your thoughts on Warner Bros’ decision?

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