Warner Bros. Partners with Futureverse, an AI Company, to Create “Ready Player One”

Unsplash/Fernando Freitas

The creator and producer of

“Ready Player One”

have joined forces to establish

“ReadyVerse Studios,”

providing a platform to bring brands and other leading IP companies into the metaverse.

The company announced this groundbreaking news on Jan. 4th, 2024. The studios aim to build destinations and a new world for fans to explore and enjoy their favorite IPs in the metaverse, utilizing virtual technological reality, augmented reality, web3, and other exciting features.

The studio has partnered with Warner Bros. Discovery to bring the entire

“Ready Player One”

franchise to the Web3 metaverse. The company retains 100% web3 rights to all future IPs.

With the goal of turning the open metaverse in

“Ready Player One”

into a reality, they aim to reach a wide audience of consumers.

“We are thrilled to share this unprecedented news with the world today,”

said Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald, the co-founders of Readyverse Studios.

“With Ernie, Dan, and our partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery, we have a unique opportunity to bring the metaverse to life, starting with the IP that first showcased its potential. This is just the beginning of our collaboration with both Hollywood and global brands as we work towards shaping the future of online entertainment, gaming, and social experiences through beloved commercial IP.”

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