Woman Arrested for Sexting Runaway Teens Told Cops She Identifies as 15-Year-Old Boy

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Scott Rodgerson

A woman told police that she identifies as a 15-year-old boy after she was caught sexting and providing alcohol and drugs to a group of runaway teens she planned to run away with, NY Post reported. 

Amanda Dorrough of Washington State is reportedly known for housing underage runaways at her apartment. The 35-year-old woman referred to herself as


around the teen group. She was arrested after police received a call about her attempting to run away to Seattle with the crew. 

According to the outlet, the vice principal at Port Angeles High School reported the incident after two students came forward and confessed to the planned runaway.

Police searched Dorrough’s residence and found teenagers

“running through the parking lot away from Dorrough’s apartment.”

They also discovered Dorrough

“sitting next to one of the students who was identified as a runaway,”

the case report said. Police also obtained

“two empty condom packets, one unopened condom, a bra, and an empty cigarette packet with a lighter,”

at the scene. Dorrough allegedly told an officer that

“she feels like teenagers ‘understand’ her better”

and that

“she ‘identifies’ better with teenage kids,”

according to the report.

Police had previously received several reports and complaints about Dorrough’s involvement with juveniles, according to the incident report.

Dorrough was charged with

“one count of distributing a controlled substance (marijuana/cannabis) to a minor and posted bail on May 14,”

the article stated.

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