Eminem Wants The Court To Grant Him Protective Order Against Gizelle Bryant And Robyn Dixon Following The Trademark Case

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Eminem is not willing to face two reality TV stars in court, so he has asked for a protective order. Since February, the rapper has been at loggerheads with Real Housewives stars Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon over a trademark issue concerning his podcast. Now, it seems their court case will spill over to next year.

Eminem Filed Against Gizelle Bryant Robyn Dixon For Including “Shady” In Their Podcast

At the beginning of the year, Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon decided to build another brand for themselves through their Reasonably Shady podcast. However, Eminem opposed it. The rapper, born Marshall Mathers, wanted them to go for another name. In his lawsuit, he explained that the brand can be mistaken for his Slim Shady, as it bears the Shady tag. To him, this would be misleading to the audience

Robyn and Gizelle refused to give up. The Real Housewives of Potomac stars asked the judge to dismiss the case. Rather than throw it out of court, Eminem’s case was moved forward.

The onscreen stars then ask the court to order his appearance so that he can swear under oath. The statement from the filing read:

“The main issue now is that Mathers is refusing to be deposed. Mathers is the owner of the marks at issue and his attorneys are saying he doesn’t have information about the marks. We have filed a motion to compel Mathers to be deposed. It seems obvious to us that if you file a lawsuit, you should be made available to be deposed.”

Eminem Now Wants A Protective Order Following The Turnout Of Events

In response to Gizelle and Robyn’s lawsuit, Eminem told the court to uphold a protective order to excuse his physical absence. Despite going head-on with the reality TV stars, he wants to be nowhere close to the courtroom. In his defense, showing up to testify will be “unduly burdensome.”

According to All HipHop, Eminem has confessed that he has limited knowledge of the issue at hand. However, he has lawyers who are ready to back him up with their “equal and superior knowledge” on the matter.

No comment has been passed by Gizelle Bryant or Robyn Dixon yet. Meanwhile, the court has yet to grant Eminem his protective order.

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