Ludacris Reacts To Katt Williams Dissing His “Ugly” Wife And Career

Image Credit: Ludacris/ Instagram, Pinterest

Katt Williams is not getting off the hook soon, especially not after his diss at Ludacris. During his appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s show, the comedian took a shot at a handful of other comedians, actors, and rappers. Since then, he has been served a dose of his own medicine.

Katt Williams Shoots At Ludacris On Shannon Sharpe’s Interview

Katt Willaims came prepared to Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay. The comedian made jokes about nearly half the successful men in the industry. Katt poked fun at Ludacris’ wife after accusing the rapper of joining the Illuminati to bag the Fast & Furious role. Katt emphasized how he and Ludacris made it to an Illuminati meeting. He added:

“And the next person they said was going to get $200 million because they were going to pay him $10 million a movie to do 20 movies. And that’s how the conversation happened. One of those persons turned out to be Ludacris, and the other person turned out to be Katt Williams.” Katt ended his Ludacris drilling by tugging at his wife, calling her “a light-skinned ugly face wife.”

Ludacris Fires Back With a Freestyle To Kanye West’s Devil

Ludacris’ comeback following Katt’s claims on Shannon’s show was epic. The rapper used his talent to entertain fans and diss the comedian. Using Kanye West’s Devil In a New Dress instrumentals, he did a freestyle highlighting his success.

“Never been Illuminati, only Ill-Luda-nati/ And I only left with bitches when coming from any party/ Now I’m married with kids, the evolution of life/ Never been a clout-chaser, never say shit for likes.”

Ludacris did not bow out without a finishing blow at Katt Williams’ addiction rumors. He added:

“R.I.P. John Singleton, you never have to flex when you earned every one of your ‘Fast & Furious’ checks/ Afro with the sideburns, yeah that’s my signature/ Addiction’s on the rise, comedians check your temperature.”

This is not the only time Katt will be getting feedback from those he had called out. HipHopDX reported how Cedric highlighted his success while adding that he is a grown man in response to Katt’s body shame joke and allegations that he stole his joke.

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