Prosecutors Charge Kodak Black For Oxycodone Possession, Not Cocaine

Image Credit: Kodak Black/ Instagram

Following his arrest, Kodak Black may have to answer to Oxycodone found in his possession, as opposed to the previous claim that the rapper was with cocaine. It was gathered that prosecutors filed a different charge, which contradicted assertions from the officer who cuffed Black.

The Rapper’s Arrest With “White Chunky Substance”

During his time in South Florida, Kodak Black was arrested. The officer maintained that when he searched the rapper’s vehicle, he found a “white chunky substance.” On-site evaluation ruled the substance to be cocaine. The officer proceeded with the claims and later signed an affidavit.

The officer who arrested Kodak Black maintained that he was asleep while his vehicle was still on. This meant that he had passed out. However, when the rapper encountered the police, he allegedly tried to discard the white substance. Kodak Black also had a lot of “Oxycodone” around his mouth.

Kodak Black May Face Charge For Oxycodone

At the beginning of a fresh week, Kodak Black’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, told Rolling Stone that they intended to fight the law. According to Cohen, the substance in the rapper’s possession was prescribed Oxycodone, and the officer enacted sheer incompetence. In his words:

“The cop says crack cocaine, and it turned out to be oxycodone. I don’t know how an error like that happens. I’ve never seen in my career of 27 years where an officer tested an oxycodone pill, and it came back positive for cocaine. This officer was either grossly neglectful, incompetent or a liar. It’s one of those three.”

Cohen planned to redeem his client by rendering evidence to support the prescription claim. Words from Broward County State attorney was that they did not file any charges. A representative claimed that Cohen’s documents and evidence would be reviewed.

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