Shakira Admits To Tax Fraud Years After Claiming Innocent

Shakira/ Instagram

Shakira and her tax fraud prosecutors have now reached a new arrangement, and none includes her entering jail. The singer, who has long since maintained her innocence, bowed to pressure and the risk of losing her freedom.

Shakira’s Tax Fraud Settlement Reached

The Hips Don’t Lie singer might not have stated the truth in the nearly five-year tax fraud case. However, The Hollywood Reporter claimed she and the prosecutor reached a last-minute deal. Just hours after the trial for her tax evasion began in Barcelona, she acknowledged all accusations levied on her.

It was stated that Shakira owned up to cheating the Spanish government by failing to submit $15.8 million in taxes. This figure was rounded up between 2012 and 2014.

If she had persisted and continued the trial set to last for weeks with an army of witnesses on the prosecutor’s end, it would have included a jail term.

This means that the singer decided to dance to the tune of the prosecutor and must fulfill the terms of the agreement. Her deal involved avoiding a 3-year jail sentence and payment of fines, including $ 8 million for taxes and $472,000 as settlement for the prison sentence.

Despite the prison escape, Shakira’s legal records will contain tax fraud. Consequently, it could influence another tax lawsuit.

Shakira’s Tax Fraud Defense Was Denied

Shakira’s tax fraud began when the other side of the camp criticized her for not paying up despite living mainly in Spain. It did not matter that her official residence was in the Bahamas; prosecutors expected her to pay on her worldwide income.

After years of back and forth, the prosecutors considered an eight-year prison sentence and about $26 million in taxes. Before reaching this conclusion, they wanted to settle out of court, but Shakira was hell-bent on proving her innocence.

She intended to establish that she owed nothing as she was primarily based in the US. But last year, her appeal was denied. The Spanish government hopes to resume another case involving tax evasion on Shakira’s 2018 income.

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