Three Girls, Aged 12 To 13, Apprehended For Fatal Assault On A Disabled Man In Washington, D.C.

A tragic incident occurred in Philadelphia as a young child accidentally shot herself in the eye with her father's firearm, reports the NY Post.
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Three girls, aged 12 and 13, were arrested in Washington DC this week for their involvement in a brutal attack on a disabled man in 2023, per the NY Post. The incident occurred on October 17, during the late hours of the night.

Disturbing footage showed a group of five girls chasing the 64-year-old victim through an alley and forcibly removing him from a chain link fence. They proceeded to stomp on his head, pulled his pants down, and used his belt to inflict further harm on him. These details were presented in court on Friday, as testified by investigators, as reported by the Washington Post.

The disturbed group allegedly laughed at Brown as he was bleeding from his head, and one of the girls yelled,

“He’s leaking!” 

According to the police, Brown was found dead on the street just before 1 a.m. with severe injuries that indicated he was attacked. The autopsy revealed that he died from blunt force trauma. The police also mentioned that Brown had disabilities and mental health problems.

Detective Harry Singleton testified that a man in his early 20s initiated the attack, grabbing Brown and slamming him into a brick wall. At that moment, the girls were passing by, and one of them asked,

“Can I fight him?”

to which he responded


One of the 13-year-old girls was taken into custody, but later that night, the 12-year-old girl was shot in her apartment. She suffered a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. Neighbors reported seeing two young individuals escape through a broken window. The pre-teen and another girl were arrested. They face second-degree murder charges as juveniles.

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